Birmingham University

Birmingham_LogoBirmingham University’s primary contribution will come through the The Human Geography Research Group, and Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS) in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences. Contributing academics [Tranos; Arribas-Bel; Leszczynski; Muller; Day; Emery; Clark; Squires; Lee; Musolesi; Chapman] seek to better understand how social practices and relations are conditioned by space and place, linking environmental risk and governance questions spanning the boundary between the natural and social sciences. The partnership is well-placed to address the ESRC aspects of the DREAM CDT through BU’s world-leading profile in justice, socio-political transitions, connected communities, real estate finance and diverse economies. BU engages with decision-makers on urban policies, renewable and low-carbon energy, nuclear waste management, fuel poverty, community resilience and climate change mitigation strategies. CURS is a leading international centre for research, teaching and consultancy in spatial and social planning studies, an academic/policy discipline encompassing housing, regeneration, economic development, communities and the governance of public policy.