DREAM CDT Challenge Week 2018 a great success in Newcastle University

The full cohorts of the DREAM CDT worked together as part of the 2018 DREAM Challenge Week in Newcastle University. The focus this year in on urban geo-hazards, and to help we are located in the University’s brand new Urban Sciences building, with the students being aided by the many postdocs and researchers, and receiving expert briefings from senior academics and industrialists.

Working together in groups the DREAM students had to decide upon which hazards they wished to develop a decision support tool for, evaluate the spatial impacts of these hazards and consider the adaption and interventions that would be needed to minimise disruption, economic and/or physical damage and/or risk to life. Hazards of heat and cold waves on vulnerable communities, and guiding pedestrians to less-polluted walking routes through the city were addressed – informed by the huge array of ‘big data’ streaming in from around the city, and accessed via a series of APIs.

We also had on offer expert briefings on choosing and developing an industrial and academic career path.