DREAM Challenge Week 2017 underway in Birmingham

The 2017 DREAM Challenge Week is now underway, hosted by the University of Birmingham.

The DREAM students are challenged to determine how best to manage the strategies, priorities and communication of flood defence measures in the East Anglian region (the counties of Norfolk, Essex and Suffolk). Flooding is a most pressing and also contentious issue – public and business alike demand protection for their livelihoods, and there are seemingly never enough resources to address every issue arising – priorities need to be made and risks assessed. Critically, there is a pressing need to convey environmental risk to the general public, and to provide a clear ‘evidence-based’ justification for decisions made.

We are most fortunate to have representation and assistance at Challenge week from a range of practitioners from the Environment Agency, RFCC, and Essex County Council, professionals working in the every organisations who are tasked with these very challenges themselves, and who have agreed to try to help provide you some insights into the nature of these responsibilities.