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The consortium operates world-class facilities and services that will support DREAM students registered across all institutes. DREAM students will have the opportunity to engage with the Big Data centres at Newcastle and Cambridge, and with experts in the field of environmental data collection, assimilation, analysis and modelling, and focus on key NERC science. Notable research facilities across the member institutes include:


High Performing Computing (HPC) facilities

Cranfield University operate their ‘Astral’ service; Birmingham have their ‘BlueBEAR’ cluster for high performance computing; Cambridge run the ‘Darwin’ compute cluster (11,000 cores, 200 TFlops/s, 42 TB RAM June 2012 top 500 listed), as well as ‘Wilkes’ (256 K20 GPU, providing another 240 TFlop/s). Newcastle run their Cloud Innovation Centre.


GRID facilities

Cranfield University operate a GRID system; Newcastle run a Condor GRID pool.


Data Visualisation facilities

Cranfield operate the ‘NERC Virtalis ‘ActiveMove’ Big Data ‘3D virtual reality’ suite; Birmingham have the Visual and Spatial Technology Centre (VISTA); Newcastle run the Digital Institute data CAVE and VR suite.


Data repository

Cranfield run the national ‘Land Information System’ (LandIS), holding national soil and related environmental data for England and Wales held in Oracle blade-server pool, and analogous international ‘World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue’ WOSSAC. Newcastle run the EPSRC ITRC National Infrastructure database NIS-DB.

Many of our partners operate high performance computing facilities, further to this, DREAM students may also be able to access the specialist NERC HPC facilities such as Archer, MONSooN, RDF and JASMIN.