Innovation Training Support from NERC

The DREAM CDT has been fortunate to receive support from NERC for an Innovation Support training grant. This will enable a series of turnkey, specialised training and support activities to be provided for the DREAM research students and associated supervisory staff. Our first activity will be attendance at the Hartree Centre ‘Winter School’ in Big Data. This course, prepared for DREAM by the Hartree team, will provide hands-on practical experience with the spectrum of contemporary Big Data tools and techniques.

Following this, we are providing access to the prestigious ‘Impact to Innovation’ week at Cranfield University’s world-famous School of Management, where the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship will put on a programme to enable DREAM researchers to develop and fulfil their ambitions, and to adopt innovation and entrepreneurship thinking at the heart of planning their futures.

We are then lucky to provide access to a dedicated ‘Env InfoHackit‘ event operated by the Made Agency, who will help the DREAM researchers develop an ability to communicate science and technology, conveying their research effectively to a wide audience. We will be supported in this by a series of practising design specialists and consultants, and design students, all of whom will work to help the scientists understand how to communicate their work effectively, through a series of media.

Our researchers will then be able to attend a turnkey event at the University of Cambridge, aimed to provide a ‘360o view’ of Big Data and risk science research and practice. A series of leading industrialists and academics drawn from the risk science and Big Data field will present their work and experiences to the students, and in turn have the opportunity to provide advice and guidance to the developing research of the DREAM students.

Finally, we will have the fantastic opportunity to engage in the EnvExpo event being planned by University of East Anglia (UEA), also a recipient of a parallel NERC Innovation grant. This event will draw together a unique gathering of the majority of the current group of Doctoral researchers from the NERC CDT centres nationwide. As well as learning about each others research across the Centres, there will be a unique opportunity to network with a broad body of attendees from industry and academia. DREAM researchers will host an evening event in ‘Big Data’ to share their experiences and knowledge with the other NERC researchers.

Altogether this grant offers DREAM a fantastic opportunity, with our researchers enabled to develop their technical skills and networking abilities, as well as to hone some really practical career-focussed developmental activities – and of course hopefully having a lot of fun doing so too!