Welcome to DREAM! Our Centre of Doctoral Training in ‘Data, Risk and Environmental Analytical Methods’ embraces a wide range of world-leading Doctoral research in the area of Big Data and Environmental Risk Mitigation. Our training and development programme has sought to support and nurture excellence in our science activities. The research underway in DREAM addresses key NERC and ESRC science objectives in an exciting area of development which will play a critical role in our national industrial and sustainable environmental future. Commenced in 2015, the DREAM CDT has now gained real traction across a broad spectrum of industrial partners and end-users with evidence of significant high-impact outcomes.

Dr Stephen Hallett
DREAM Centre Champion and Director
Associate Professor in Environmental Informatics, Cranfield University

The DREAM Centre for Doctoral Training’s principle asset is its people; our students, sponsors, industrial and academic supervisors, and the university staff who deliver the programme, research support and training. Click on the groups below to find out more.


Key DREAM CDT staff

Cranfield University
Dr Stephen Hallett DREAM Centre Champion and CDT Director
Dr Simon Jude Centre Director (Cranfield)
Angela Colclough Management Board Secretary


Newcastle University
Professor Stuart Barr Centre Director (Newcastle)
Professor Chris Kilsby Centre Director (Newcastle)


The University of Cambridge
Dr Mike Bithell Centre Director (Cambridge)


The University of Birmingham

Dr Emmanouil Tranos Centre Director (Birmingham)


Industrial Advisory Board (IndAB)
Stephen J. Harris Chair, Industrial Advisory Board. Senior Vice President, Marsh Marine Practice
Rob Sharpe Industrial Advisory Boardmember. Customer Success Group Programme Manager, Esri UK
Dr Arthur Thornton Industrial Advisory Boardmember. Associate Director: Research & Innovation, SNC Lavalin Atkins
Professor John Rees Industrial Advisory Boardmember. Director of Science for Earth Hazards, Observatories, BGS
Nathan Cunningham Industrial Advisory Boardmember. Assistant Director Research IT, Corporate Information & Computing Services | University of Sheffield
Dr Paul Smith Industrial Advisory Boardmember. Associate Director, Arup
Angela Colclough Management Board Secretary


International Advisory Board (IntAB)
Dr Arwyn Jones Chair, International Advisory Board. European Commission, Directorate-General Joint Research Centre
Professor Mitchell J. Small International Advisory Boardmember. Professor of Environmental Engineering, Carnigie Mellon University, USA
Professor Kye-Hoon John Kim International Advisory Boardmember. Professor of Soils, University of Seoul, South Korea
Associate Professor, Dr Jason Prior International Advisory Boardmember. Associate Professor, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney
Angela Colclough Management Board Secretary


Centre Secretariat
Angela Colclough Centre Administrator


For centre-wide general enquiries, please contact