Presentation by Charles Mazivanhanga

DREAM doctoral researcher Charles Mazivanhanga, and supervisory team from Cranfield University, paid a visit to the University of Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT) to present a seminar entitled “Water Hazard Assessment in Tropical Areas”, based on the state-of-art research methods underway, the presentation provided an overview of the preliminary findings from the collaborative projects DREAM is running with the Laboratory of Environmental Diagnosis and Geographic Analysis of the Academic Division of Biological Sciences (DACBiol).

The seminar was led by DACBiol Research and Graduate Coordinator, Raul German Bautista Margulis, who on behalf of the Director, Rosa Martha Padrón López, welcomed researchers Charles Mazivanhanga and Tim Brewer, who were able to contribute their knowledge in water risk assessment and new technologies in the matter, as well as explained the interest that the Cranfield University and DREAM has to strengthen the ties of collaboration with the UJAT.

The event is described in further detail online here.