Research Experience Placements – REPs

The 2018 REP Placements Scheme with DREAM is now open for applications

Inspecting Coastal Erosion in Suffolk

Inspecting Coastal Erosion in Suffolk

The sponsor of the DREAM CDT is NERC, and NERC recognises that there is a shortage of individuals with quantitative skills coming into environmental science. The Research Experience Placement (REP) scheme aims to address this shortage by offering funding to support summer placements for undergraduate students studying quantitative disciplines which are outside NERC remit – such as engineering, maths and computer science (to name a few). During the REP placement you will undertake a research project within the environmental sciences through a placement intended to encourage students to consider a career in environmental science.

DREAM Challenge Week - July 11-15, 2016

DREAM Challenge Week – July 11-15, 2016

Initial funding for three REPs has been made available to the DREAM CDT: further funding may become available. Each REP is for a minimum of eight weeks (and a maximum of ten weeks) over the summer vacation period. Funding of up to £2,500 is available per REP to cover the minimum stipend of £200 per week, as well as a contribution towards research and training expenses of up to £500. Additional funding beyond this amount must be found from other sources, including the host department.

If you are interested in a Research Experience Placement (REP), please complete and return the application form linked below, to us, together with your CV. Please note that there can be no guarantee you will receive a REP place as we need to match applications received with staff and research teams.

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DREAM CDT Undergraduate Research Experience student Application Form »

Note, when completed, please email the form (plus additional documents as directed) to the DREAM email link.

For further details of the scheme, and eligibility for the application please see here

What happens during a REP placement?

The REP scheme allows young researchers a fantastic opportunity to work alongside leading university research teams, learning about the design and practice of environmental science projects (as well as earning a good sum of supporting funds!). As a REP student you will gain a first hand view of what it is like working in a university, and depending on the particular project, could find yourself working out in the field, in a laboratory or indeed helping develop our computational ‘big data’ work. You will identify in the application form which of the four DREAM universities you would like to work at and we will try and match your interests.

In addition to the individual project you will have, you will also become part of our thriving DREAM community. One way this will happen is through the chance to participate in joint activities across the four universities. One of the key events that you are likely to take part in is the ‘DREAM Challenge Week‘. Here, students from all four universities come together and over a week, work as a team to address a series of challenges, culminating in a big presentation. Apart from being a lot of fun, our last Challenge Week saw our REP students take an equal role alongside the Doctoral students. Below is a video explaining more about the week and how it was conducted.

Over the last couple of years we have had the opportunity to support a number of REP students who have undertaken exciting and meaningful research projects alongside the staff and students of DREAM, often culminating in the chance to join our Annual Challenge Week event. The REP programme has provided our placement students with a real insight into the cutting-edge of research in Big Data and environmental risk mitigation. If you are interested we’d love to hear from you!