Studying for a PhD

Please note we have now filled all the vacancies in DREAM – keep reading to find out about the fantastic research underway.

We are seeking applicants for PhD studentship positions within the DREAM programme who are able to demonstrate: enthusiasm; resourcefulness; a mature approach to learning; creativity; a sound understanding of one or more branches of science, engineering or informatics; and who possess a first or upper second class honours degree or Masters degree. The DREAM programme comprises three postgraduate-level elements:

  1. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) training.
  2. Transferable Skills and Leadership (TSL) training.
  3. Your research project – here are the current research projects underway.

The vibrancy of the DREAM researcher’s experience will be greatly enhanced through two annual events which will be open to all the cohorts of researchers: the DREAM Symposium, and the DREAM Challenge Week.

Key features of the DREAM programme:

  • Access to masters-level training held across four leading universities
  • Strong personalised career development programme targeted at producing future information leaders
  • Challenge Week held in July each year for all cohorts, including advanced transferable skills training, guest lectures from leading industrialists and scientists, design and problem solving challenges
  • An inter-cohort Annual Symposium held in December each year will offer students, at all stages of research, a forum to present talks and posters. Keynotes will be sought from NERC researchers and sector leaders from affiliated partners and NERC institutes
  • Opportunities to present papers at conferences and to author academic journal papers

We look to help our students to develop a sound awareness of the contextual setting of their research through engagement with key significant industrial stakeholders during the annual DREAM Challenge Week and its related group work activities. This innovative approach to engaging with stakeholders and industrial and academic representation will ensure ongoing relevance. The group design project will be set by the advisory boards, and will be used as a vehicle for students to gain team-working and presentation skills, and to develop knowledge exchange capacity. Group design work will be presented at the end of the week.

Like the Challenge Week, the DREAM symposium location will rotate between institutional partners each year, allowing students across all the cohorts to present their work before a panel comprised of supervisors, affiliated partner institution staff, and our advisory boards.

Information about DREAM research projects

Want to find out what is already happening in DREAM? Find out about our existing ongoing research projects »

DREAM Challenge Week - July 11-15, 2016

DREAM Challenge Week – July 11-15, 2016

Excelling in strategic and applied research – much of which is directed toward industry – our ongoing supported research projects seek to overcome and solve real-life challenges and, as a result, to benefit people in all walks of life. DREAM students are working with our industrial partners to solve the challenges of today to deliver the benefits of tomorrow.

Our thriving consortium research community provides a stimulating environment in which doctoral students can progress their studies. A combined focus on research rigour and relevance to practice, provides a learning experience that makes DREAM unique.