Transferable Skills and Leadership (TSL) training

DREAM students will be offered a range of Personal development planning and Transferable Skills and Leadership (TSL) training during their research. Central to DREAM is the proactive development of researchers’ transferable skills, aligned with the 2002 Roberts Report highlighting how training elements of a PhD, particularly those relating to transferable skills, need to be strengthened and further elaborated in the Joint Statement of Skills Training Requirements set out by the Research Councils. In DREAM, this is actioned through the Transferable Skills and Leadership (TSL) syllabus. The TSL syllabus draws on institutional Research Student Core Skills Programmes.

The TSL programme comprises three thematic components: ‘Research Skills and Management’; ‘Personal Effectiveness, Entrepreneurial and Enterprise Skills’, and; ‘Technical Training (numerical and computing)’. Students will retain a formal training log as part of their Personal Development Programme (PDP), which will be used to identify and record specific training needs drawn from the available courses, agreed with their Supervisory panel. DREAM will require research students to submit formal records of their training as part of their formal thesis committee reviews. Below are indicative TSL courses available across the partner institutes.


Research Skills and Management

Getting started with research design | Research methods | Project management for research | Ethics & research integrity | Environmental awareness | Papercraft & publishing in scientific journals | Technical writing workshop | Communicating science | Systems thinking in research | Design of experiments | Mixed models for experimental design.


Personal Effectiveness, Entrepreneurial and Enterprise skills

Project management | Time management | Succeeding in the global research community | Collaborative research | Consulting in the environmental sector | Starting your own business | Business case study | Systematic innovation | Self-marketing & developing a communications plan | Essential people skills for success.


Technical Training (numerical and computing)

A beginners guide to neural networks | Programming with Java | Statistical treatment of experimental data | Introduction to desktop Linux | Programming in R | Programming in Python | Programming in Perl | Web Mapping | Developing Web Services | Sensors & Big Data.