2018 DREAM-CDT Annual Symposium

The 2018 DREAM-CDT Annual Symposium has just drawn to most successful conclusion. The full contingent of DREAM PhD students gathered together to present, share and learn about the amazing NERC/ESRC science underway in the Centre. This year it was Cranfield University’s turn to host the event, and we were fortunate […]

2018 Annual Symposium fast approaching

Our 2018 Annual Symposium at Cranfield is fast approaching and something we are all looking forward to. We are now at ‘peak DREAM’ as we say, and will have a fantastic turnout from students with presentation and poster of all the research underway. We are planning to have a number […]

First Dream Symposium underway in Newcastle University

A key thread to the Dream CDT is the provision of appropriate experience for the Dream students in presenting publicly and over a couple of days, in conference format, the research projects underway, with all the discourse that follows. We have just met to hold the first of the annual […]