DREAM student Al Rumson publishes paper on Open Data

Low lying coastal region of Bawdsey in East Anglia

Low lying coastal region of Bawdsey in East Anglia (photo courtesy of www.mike-page.co.uk).

DREAM student Al Rumson has just published a new paper on the use of open data in coastal zone management. Coastal zones attract human settlement, business and industry, and are instrumental to the functioning of societies both in coastal states and the wider global community. However, the oceans and coasts are under growing pressure as human practices change, populations rise and climate change impacts increase. The paper seeks to reveal how currently available open data sources relate to coastal management decision-making, taking the UK as an example. Environmental risk management is a cross-cutting theme, this work is relevant to all areas of coastal management. Highlights of the paper include:
• Research addressing the application of Open Source Data to Coastal Management.
• Adopting Open Data permits holistic risk evaluations in coastal regions.
• A conceptual framework was developed for coastal risk evaluations using Open Data.
• An East Anglian case study reveals insight creation through combing data sources.
• Freely available data exists addressing the main themes of coastal management.

Rumson, A.G. and Hallett, S.H (2018) Opening up the coast. Ocean & Coastal Management, Volume 160, 15 June 2018, Pages 133–145. doi.org/10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2018.04.015.